Bridgeland-Riverside is an established inner-city community that historically has been, and today still aspires to be, a mixed use and diverse, riverside neighbourhood with a vibrant atmosphere. Bridgeland/Riverside is located within easy walking distance of Downtown Calgary. Its main boundary is defined by a steep escarpment on the west, north, and east, thereby separating it from its neighboring residential communities of Crescent Heights and Renfrew. To the south is the Bow River, Memorial Drive and the Calgary Zoo.

The historical development of the areas north of the bow River was enhanced by the construction of the Langevin Bridge in 1885. Even though and active community existed, it was not until 1910 that the area was annexed to Calgary. For many new Canadian immigrants, Bridgeland/Riverside became their first home. The German immigrants in the district of Riverside, and the Italian community housed in Bridgeland, had a significant influence on the development for its historic old homes, its views of the Downtown, Bow River Valley and Rocky Mountains and its European shops and restaurants.

Bridgeland remains a very welcoming community, celebrating its heritage while planning for the future, and aspires to continue to be a sustainable, inclusive community that serves the needs of their wide-ranging demographics while maintaining a close-knit, neighbourly culture. This up- and-coming community is lined with mouth watering mom-and-pop restaurants, grocery stores, boutique stores, barber shops, spas, yoga/spin studios, liquor stores and an outdoors farmers market! Being minutes to the downtown core make this a coveted community ranging from the low to very high-end prices. From early war time homes, to new million dollar custom-built homes to the small yet hyper-modern professionals’ condos, there’s something for everyone in Bridgeland.